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Chat Italy GirlsChatItaly is one of the most popular chat sites on Italy with many online users. If you would like to meet with new people from Italy and if you know Italian language we recommend this site for you. You will able to meet with many Italian strangers on the site and you can make new friends. However it’s not allowed to speak English on channels. If you don’t know Italian, you shouldn’t send text on channels. You should prefer to send private messages rather than speaking on channels. If you send English text on channels repeatedly, you may get ban by moderators.

There are about 500 – 2000 online people on chat rooms of the site, so it will be easy for you to meet with people on the site. If you would like to meet with Italian people and if you would like to get friends from this nice South European country, you can use this site anytime. It’s free to chat on the site and registration is not required at all. It’s a IRC based chat site and you need to have flash installed in your browser. The site language is in Italian and you need to know Italian for join to video chat rooms. Camera is not required for the site, so don’t worry about that. The site is quite safe for chatting with strangers, so you shouldn’t worry about security. Moderators are quite helpful and they will like to listen your problems.

Italian Video Chat Rooms

If you would like to chat with your partners with video in channels, you will able to do it with ChatItaly . You don’t need a camera to enter to channels. If you would like to join video chat rooms, you need to click on Video Chat on the main page and you should type a nick. You can also select your region, age and your gender. So your partners will able to see your profile before they start to chat with your. You can see their profile as well… We recommend you to use Google Chrome for this feature. You need to have Flash installed in your computer for enter to site. The site address is .

Chat pJIRC – Java Chat Rooms

If you don’t want to use flash chat, you can still use Java Chat version of the site. If you need to join these rooms, you need to have latest version of the Java in your computer. It’s free to use and you don’t need to register for join Java Chat Rooms of the site. You should click on Chat pJIRC on the main page of the site and type a nickname for yourself to join these rooms. You can also select your age, your gender and your region (if you live in Italy) before you start to chat.

Talk to Italian Strangers with Online Italian Radio

The site is already including online Italian radio inside, I recommend you to enable this feature of the site. You will enjoy while you are talking with  Italian strangers on the site and you will listen nice Italian songs. The site is enabling this feature as default. If you don’t want to listen radio, you can disable it before you start to chat.

How to Register An Account

If you like to site, you will need to create an account. However it’s just allowed for those who has an account on the site. If you know Italian very well ad if you live another country, you can still get an account from the site. Just you will need to enter support page of the site and you need to as for an account. It’s free to get an account from the site. You don’t need to verify your account with mobile or email.

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