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latin american girls 2Chateagratis is a nice chat site where you can meet with people from different countries. There are online people from South America and Spain on the web site. The site is free and no registration required for it. There are generally rooms for countries, hobbies and other stuffs on the site. It’s one of the best communication platforms in Latin America. There are always more than 1000 online people on channels of the site. There’s no age restriction since it’s a text communication platform. However we recommend you to be 15 years old at the least for chatting on such sites. If you are younger than 15, we recommend you to chat on the site with parental guide.

If you would like to have partners from South and Central America, Chateagratis is providing you best service about that. It’s one of the best Latin America chat service at the moment. You can simply search “Chateagratis” on google to enter the site. You will able to see channels for Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Venezuela on the site. The main language is Spanish, however some people still know English. You can send private messages to talk to people in English language. We don’t recommend you to write in English into the channel. Let’s mention about South America channels of the site.

Chat Rooms on Chateagratis

There are many quality chat rooms on Chateagratis. You can find many Latin American partners from different countries of the world. Besides you will able to select country before you enter a room. These are channel options for you in the site.


Mexico is a nice country which is standing Northern America. You can enter this channel to talk to Mexican strangers and you can meet them. The room has no video chat, however you can still want skype address of your partner after a nice conversation on the site.


Do you want to meet with beautiful girls of Argentina? So you can enter this channel to meet with them. You can also talk to guys from this country. No registration required.


España is Spanish channel of the site where you can meet Spanish people. There are many people from North America, South America and Europe on this channel.


Colombia is a famous country whole in the world with their beautiful girls and handsome guys. You can meet with these people on Chateagratis Colombia. It’s free and you don’t need to register to the site for begin to talk to Colombian strangers on this site.


Chile is a nice country in South America. If you would like to get partners from this country, you can enter this room. There are many online people on the site.

You can also talk to people from Venezuela, Peru and all other Latin America countries.

Video Chat

Unfortunately there’s no webcam chat on the site. You can talk to people from Latin America with text on here. Actually it’s making site more trustworthy since there are many people who wants to prank others on video platforms. You can talk with strangers with text on the site and you can invite them to Skype on Chateagratis.

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