ChatBlink Account Deleted and Can’t Recover It

If your account has been deleted by yourself or by the administrator, you can find solutions on how to recover in this page. This is not going to be easy for sure but there can be ways to do it for sure. Chatblink has become one of the most popular chat websites on the internet.  There are many active users on the dating and random chat platforms of the website. If you would like to meet some strangers, it is one of the good Omegle alternatives now. If you would like to fix the problems related to the website, you can always ask us questions us or you can leave comments in the comments section of this page. One of Chatblink users had a problem with the account deletion and also recovering.

cant recover account on chatblink

The question is:

I have an account in chatblink unfortunately deleted by myself due to some problem again I want to reconnect shows the account is not available but the matter is regretting that I want to make either another account or recover the existing account showing this e-mail blocked 3-4 emails id I have tried all are the same error message.

How to Recover an Account on Chatblink

If you would like to recover an account on Chatblink, you will need to connect to the developers of the website. There can be various reasons of account deletion, so learning the reason for this is the best idea. To connect to Chatblink you will need to go to the contact page of the website. Please describe your problem well in this section. Give details about your account without sharing your password. So you will make developer’s jobs much easier. So you can get a response from developers as soon as possible. There are generally two ways to get an account deletion.

My Account Deleted By ChatBlink Administrator

If your account has been deleted by the administrator, it means you have violated the rules of the website several times and your account has been terminated. To understand what is going on, the best option is to connect to the administrator as we have suggested above. However, it is very hard to get a deleted account back. So in these situations, creating a new account is the best idea. However, we recommend you not use the same IP because it can be detected by the system of ChatBlink and you can face another ban or account deletion issues.

My Account Deleted By Myself

If you have deleted the account yourself, the best thing you should do is trying to recover it with the same email address. However, it is reported that it is almost impossible to register to the website with the same email address after you terminate your account. So there should be still traces of your account in the database of the website. If you are facing this error, you can contact to the administrator as we described above and request them to remove your account from DB of the platform. So your account can be created again on the website. However a friendly reminder! Developers are not required to do this work for you and this is actually very tiring work to find your account details on a database. Keep in mind that, they can always refuse those requests.

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