Camsurf Ban: How to Get Unbanned

We have introduced Camsurf recently for you on How to Chat Online. Now we are going to tell you how to remove Camsurf ban and how to get unbanned from the website. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please let us know via commenting this page. We are going to help you as soon as possible with our expert staff.

You will able to unban yourself with the tips blow from Camsurf. If you have any questions regarding this issue please let me know. I am going to answer you as soon as possible. You can ask your questions through comments.

How to Remove Camsurf Ban on PC

You can find solutions for removing camsurf ban from your PC and Mac below. If you have any questions, please ask us. Please don’t also forget to go to website of Camsurf at the end of each solutions and test it if Camsurf ban removed.

Change IP with Restarting Your Internet Connection

  • Clear history of your browser.
  • Go to near of your router.
  • Unplug the router.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Plug your router.
  • Go to the Camsurf and test it if you can connect to the website.

You shouldn’t also forget clean history of your browser before all those steps. If you skip it, it won’t even worth to try it.

Use VPN for Camsurf Ban

  • Clear cookies/history of browser.
  • Download hotspot shield and ultrasurf.
  • Install it to your device. (No installation need for ultrasurf.)
  • Connect to a VPN IP.
  • Go to Camsurf and check Camsurf ban once more.

Things You will need to do on Android Phones

You can do the following things to remove ban on Android devices.

  • Go to Settings -> Apps -> Camsurf -> Force Stop -> Storage -> Clear Data -> Clear Storage -> Back -> Uninstall
  • If you are using Wi-fi, restart your internet connection.
  • If you are using mobile network, use wifi connection instead.
  • Go to Play Store and download Monster VPN and install it.
  • Run Monster VPN.
  • Change your google account on your phone or get a new one.
  • Again go to Play Store and download Camsurf app.
  • Finally, check your ban on Camsurf.

We recommend monster VPN because it is one of the best VPN services that we tested on Android applications at the moment. You can also use this VPN in many other services.

Should You Use VPN to Remove Camsurf Ban on Android?

We recommend it since, good applications like Monster VPN will help you to do things better. You can also skip this step however we seriously recommend you to not to skip that step because we hardly remove the ban without VPN in our tests.

Camsurf Ban

Get Unbanned from Camsurf on iPhone Devices

  • Delete plugin from iPhone device. (You don’t need to clear cache and data because when you delete a plugin, you will also clear all data of the app on iPhone devices.)
  • Get a new App Store ID and connect it to your device.
  • Restart your connection for wifi and also connect to wifi if you use mobile network.
  • Go to App Store and download TunelBear VPN.
  • Run the VPN application on your device.
  • Get a new App ID and connect to your device with new ID.
  • Go to app store and download Camsurf app.
  • Finally run the camsurf and check if Camsurf ban again.

You will need to do all those steps without connecting to the Camsurf application. Please go to application after you complete all tasks we provided above otherwise you won’t able to get a successful result. If you couldn’t manage to remove Camsurf ban, you can also ask your questions to comment section below.

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