3 Unknown Features Of Whatsapp That You Should Use

Whatsapp, the world’s most popular messaging application and the leader of these applications, has many features in its system, but some of them are quite unique among other applications. Contrary to popular belief, WhatsApp does not only offer you individual or group chats, audio, or video calls. It offers much more. If you are wondering about these unknown usage areas and features, continue reading this article.

WhatsApp data saving: Voice or video WhatsApp calls over your mobile internet can be a lot of consumption, especially when you are not connected to any Wi-Fi networks.

How to do:

First, tap the “three dots” symbol in the upper right corner of the application’s Home screen, tap Settings from those tabs, and then tap the Data and storage line, tick the “Low data usage” box at the bottom of the page that opens. However, let us inform you that when you turn on this mode, the sound and image quality of your calls may decrease.

WhatsApp storage settings: Do you know that it is possible to see how much internet data you spend in your calls over WhatsApp, with the amount per user?

How to do:

To learn how much internet data you spend, the first thing you need to do is Tap the “Three Dots” symbol in the upper right corner of the main screen, then you will see multiple options. Choose tap on settings after that in the setting page, Tap on the line “Data and storage usage”.

WhatsApp location sharing and live location tracking: You can share “instant location tracking” with the people you message. Location data can be transmitted to the other party in real-time. A very useful feature when it comes to the safety of your family and loved ones.

How to do:

Touch the “paper clip” symbol on the WhatsApp messaging screen, touch the Location symbol to go to the location sharing screen. Click on the “Share current location” line here. Then, choose how long you want to share your location from the screen that opens.

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