12AllChat has many chat services inside. If you want to meet with someone on the site and if you want to start a dating with a female or a male, you can always use 12AllChat Romantic channel of the site. There are many people who want to make a girlfriend or boyfriend on this chat room. If you want to make such a friend, you can sign in this room freely. You can login as a guest to the site and you won’t need to register for it. However you will need a permanent nickname because that’s how people identify you on the channel. You can keep change your nickname on the site but it’s not recommended. You will meet many girls and guys on the site. There are always online people any time.

You can also talk with a person who has romantic connections with you. It will be special for her (at the least in a cyber-chat) and then you will grow your relations with her. We recommend this chat room for people who are older than 18 years old. There’s no age limitation on the channel but we don’t recommend dating chat rooms for teens. If you are a teen, you can find many rooms for teens on internet. ICQ has good channels for teens.

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