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Do you want to get friends from whole around the world? You can do that with 12 All Chat Friends chat room. It’s a free chat room and it’s very easy to find people on the site. Besides you will find these chat rooms in two languages. If you want to get friends from Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco or another Arab country, you can use Arab chat rooms for that. However if you don’t know Arab and if you want to chat with people in English, you can always prefer to talk them in English chat room. There are not only people from Arabia on this room, you will find people whole around the world. There are people from USA, Canada, Australia, Turkey, UK and Russia on the chat room.

You don’t need to anything special for login to site. Just go to main page of 12 All Chat and click on English on language option. You will see a list of chat rooms on the page. You will need to select “Entertainment Rooms” and then select 12 All Chat Friends from the selection. Pick a nickname for yourself and login to site as guest. If you don’t sign in as guest, you will need to register to site. If you don’t like to fill registration forms, we don’t recommend you to do that. You will able to talk people online on the site and make new friends from different regions of the world. You can start a dating, make a new life partner, get a new friend or pen pal on this site. You will enjoy while you are chatting on the chat room.

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