How to Stop People to See My Messenger Messages on Lock Screen

Privacy is one of the most common problems of informatics nowadays. We hear too much complaints about this from different application users. Sometimes privacy problems are not just about developers and companies. This can be also problem if we don’t know how to use tools when we communicate with people. One of our visitors have reported an issue with us recently that she annoyed with people see messenger messages on lock screen. We will try find solutions for her problem and we will provide some tutorials for this on this page.

You can find the exact question of our visitor below and see the story which she experienced. If you are having similar problems, this tutorial and Q&A will be useful for you.

Question:  Hello, unfortunately I had to break up with my boyfriend recently because of a message which I received on Facebook. I drinking a coffee with my boyfriend. My phone was just on the table. All of sudden a message appeared on the lock screen of the phone. A guy was pretending like I was with him last night. I don’t want to give details for this. My boyfriend saw it and he got angry. He thinks I am cheating him. How can I stop people to see my messenger messages on lock screen. I don’t want to get any pop up notification to lock screen of my phone. How can I stop those fake people to message me? Can I report them to Police? Thanks…
Operating System:  Android
Application:  Facebook Messenger
Device Brand:  Samsung Galaxy S5
Tags:  People see messenger messages on lock screen

Stop People See Messenger Messages on Lock Screen

Hello, welcome to How to Chat Online. However I wish you had visit us for any other reason… This is really quite sad. There are some solutions for things you have asked but there is not too much to do for accounts. However you can still react them if they ever message you. I am going to give you all these information for you on here. I hope you will able to fix this problem with our guidance.

How to Stop People to See Messages on Your Lock Screen

There are two different ways of this with an Android device. You will block all notifications or you will block all lock screen notifications. The second one is a bit complicated I know… The first one is the easiest way but that will prevent you to notify messages immediately. You will need to check your messages manually.

Block All Notifications

To block all notifications you will need to go to settings of your phone and make some changes on the notification settings. Basically you will need to do these:

Tap Apps > Tap Settings > Select Notifications > Find Messenger from Application List > Switch off notifications

You can find the step by step tutorial with pictures here. This will also help you to prevent from pop up notifications on lock screen. This is the easiest way to stop people to see messages on lock screen.

Block Lock Screen Notifications

Blocking lock screen notifications is another way to stop people to see messenger messages on lock screen. There are three kind of pop-up lock screen notifications. If you are getting messages from strangers, you will need to stop chats notifications first. You will need to see this guide for this: Stop Messenger Previews

How to block other lock screen notifications? See these guides:

How to Stop People to See My Messenger Messages on Lock Screen

Fake Accounts on Facebook

Unfortunately there is not any way to stop people to message you through Facebook messenger.

You can’t Go to Police for a Fake Account Report

Firstly,  the attitude of owner of the fake account should be illegal at anywhere since it is an open slander and it brought a serious impact to your life. However it is one of crimes that you can’t report to Police. You can’t also report fake Facebook accounts to police if they are not involved with a defraud. You will need to go to a lawyer for this and talk about your issue.

Report Accounts

You can report that fake Facebook account immediately after you receive a message from them. You can also report that account that has messaged you. Also tell staff that you had to face with terrible problems because of his messages. We have told you ways of stop people to see messages on lock screen above though. If you do those steps, you are not going to face with a similar thing.

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