What Is Badoo?

Badoo is a social networking service that focuses on dating and friendship. Founded in 2006, Badoo currently serves 180 countries, and the most used countries are Spain, Italy, and France, especially Latin America.

Even though Badoo has a website (www.badoo.com), Badoo is a mobile-oriented platform. Therefore, if you expect Badoo to provide a practical experience, you can start by downloading Badoo to your iOS or Android operating system phone. It is available for download on the Badoo Play Store and App Store.


How to Use Badoo

The usage steps of the Badoo application are listed below.

Create Your Profile: After downloading and installing Badoo, you must create a profile first. To create a profile for yourself, log into the registration tab and help other Badoo members contact you during profile creation, be sure to upload your profile photo, edit your bio, and fill in the correct part of what you’re looking for on Badoo.

 Upload Photos and Create Albums: You can create photo albums and upload your photos to Badoo so more people can interact with you on Badoo. With the help of another option, you can publish your Facebook photos directly in Badoo. Badoo gives you the right to upload up to 500 images. Note that in addition to your photos, you can also upload your videos to Badoo.

Search for People Nearby: Badoo is a preferred dating app because it can find and show users who are close to you. In this way, you can start chatting by calling the people close to you with Badoo, taking into account the details such as the age and body type you have determined.

Chat: To chat with someone on Badoo, connect your Facebook account to your profile, and your mobile phone number must be approved. After entering the profile of someone you like, you can take the first step to chat immediately by clicking on the chat option. Thanks to Badoo’s filter system, you can block users who disturb you from the chat and prevent them from contacting you.

Don’t you notice people who wish for you? See Who Likes You: On Badoo, you can see who likes you and chat with your favorites among those who want you. Then you don’t have to chat with anyone.

 Plus, you will never be bored thanks to Badoo’s photo scoring system. Badoo brings up random characters that might interest you and asks you to vote for this photo. The more people’s photos you see and vote, the more likely your photos will be voted.


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