WeChat for Symbian: Review

We will review WeChat for Symbian OS phones on this page. Since Nokia has been owned by Microsoft, there’s no new Symbian version on Nokia phones at the moment. There’s no more Nokia already. Symbian is not active almost for 3 years and it’s also hard to find very good apps on Symbian when you compare it with other Mobile OS. So we will review this application for Symbian users.

WeChat developers last update was about 2014 and we don’t expect any other update since Symbian and Nokia has no place on mobile marketing now. If you are a Symbian user, you will still like WeChat. It offers some good features for you and it’s free. You can download it for Symbian OS freely!

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WeChat for Symbian Review

You can read some features and negatives of WeChat for Symbian below. There is also a download link from the official Bemobi Mobile Store. WeChat is not supporting Symbian at the moment. However you can still use it on your Symbian/Nokia devices.

WeChat Symbian Pros

You can see pros of WeChat Symbian version below:

  • Add friends from contacts
  • Text Chat.
  • Walkie – Talkie feature is available.
  • Instant video chat feature.
  • Group chat is available.
  • Supports only English language.
  • 100% free messenger and chat app.

WeChat Symbian Cons

You can see cons of WeChat Symbian version below:

  • Supports only one language.
  • Symbian doesn’t include WeChat features which exist other OS.
  • Updates are very rare for Symbian OS.

If you have a mobile phone with Symbian OS, WeChat is going to be still useful app for you. The applications feature is still very useful and you can do a lot with that when you compared with other operating systems.

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The application is also available on iOS, Blackberry, Android, Nokia S40 and Windows Phone.

If you have any questions regarding WeChat for Symbian, we will answer your questions with our expert team.

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