WeChat Alternatives for Firefox OS

WeChat is a popular chat app for mobile devices. However some operating systems don’t include this services but there are still some alternatives. Here is a list of alternative apps for Firefox OS, you can use some of them for Android too..

WeChat Alternatives for Firefox OS

Some good WeChat Alternatives for Firefox OS…

     Chat Now   

Chat Around

Chat Around is one of the best application which you can use freely. It provides you a nearby chat. If you would like to chat with people nearby, we recommend this app for you. You can also make announcements with this application. It’s free! You can receive and send private messages with this application.

Loqui IM

If you need a messenger service for your phone, you should prefer to use Loqui IM. It’s one of the best messenger services for Firefox OS and it’s a good alternative of WeChat. You can talk with your Google Hangouts, Facebook Chat, WhatsApp, Nimbuzz contacts with this app. It’s free and it’s an all in one application. You can also use this service for any product who provides Jabber service. It doesn’t have any advertisements and it’s free.

Jongla IM

Jongla IM is another service which is providing instant messenger service. It’s about 800 KB, however it’s providing better performance than other messengers on Firefox OS. You can use 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection while you are using this app. It’s free to use. This service also supports group chat feature. You can also share pictures, videos and audios with Jongla IM.


Facebook app of Firefox OS is still in development but it’s still very good. You can use your Facebook account as you wish with this app. You can also chat with your Facebook friends too. However there’s no Facebook Messenger app for Firefox OS yet. You will able to text chat with this app and join group chats. We believe that developers will make improvement for Facebook in the future.

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