WeChat Alternatives for Bada

These are WeChat Alternatives for Bada which you will use similar features. You can download this app with searching on Google. Unfortunately there’s no WeChat App for Bada.:

WeChat Alternatives for Bada

1-) ICQ

ICQ is available on Bada OS. It’s free to download it from ICQ and it’s very reliable chat platform. You are going to meet your friends and chat with them instantly on ICQ. You will able to add your phone contacts too. It’s a good alternative of WeChat. You can search for new friends and add them to your contacts.

Supports: Text Chat, Instant Chat, Meet New People, Meet Friends, Search People, Add Contacts

2-) Kint Messenger

Kint Messenger allows you to use platforms like Google Hangouts and Facebook in same platform. If you would like to use an all in one app, we recommend Kint Messenger for you. It doesn’t offer much but it’s still good for those who want to use all in one chat app.

Supports: Text Chat, Instant Chat, Meet Friends

3-) Viber

Viber is an awesome alternative of WeChat. It’s a free chat app which will allow you to send messages and make free calls to your friends. Registration is not required at all.

Supports: Text Chat, Audio Call, Share pictures and locations, Meet Friends, Group Chat, No registration at all. Add Conracts

4-) Rocketalk

You can meet new people on chat rooms on Rocketalk. You can also add contacts. Unfortunately, this app only supports, text chat. You can meet people from different countries with this app.

Supports: Chat room, Text Chat, Meet New People

There are not many similar apps which has similar features with WeChat on Bada since it’s not getting updated anymore. However we recommend Viber or ICQ apps for you. These are best alternatives of WeChat for Bada.

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