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Do you want to use a messenger for chat with your VKontakte (VK) contacts on your mobile? VKontakte Chat is available for Symbian OS on Opera Mobile Store. You can text chat with your friends on VKontakte with this application. However it’s not free. You need to pay 1.99 $ for using this application. Since there are free and better apps which is providing VKontakte chat for their users, it wasn’t good idea to put a price for this application.

VKontakte Chat is a good messenger and chat app for instant messaging with your online friends on VKontakte. You need to have a VK account for using this application. It doesn’t help you to meet new people but contact only friends on VK. However this application is a paid service and there are many good services which is providing VK contact service to you freely on Symbian OS. One of the best examples is Agent Chat app of Mail Ru. However if you want a simple VK chat app, you should prefer to use this app. It’s one of the good chat apps of Symbian. It’s working well and you won’t have any problem while you are using the app.

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  • Add your VKontakte contacts to application and chat with people who are online at VK.
  • Messenger app for Symbian.
  • Text chat (Instant Messaging) is available for this app.
  • It has very simple interface and it’s very easy to figure out how to use the app.


  • A paid Symbian chat app and it’s questionable to pay for it.
  • There are many free chat apps for chatting with VK contacts on Symbian.
  • There are not many features but messenger and instant messaging.
  • There are not many people who has reviewed this app yet.

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