These are Omegle alternatives which you can use with your BlackBerry device. You can download these applications and random chat with strangers from different countries of the world. If you are not pleased with Omegle App, you can prefer to download these apps:

WeChatDownload WeChat for BlackBerry

Go to Random Chat

WeChat is not a random chat app but it’s still good service for meeting people randomly. There are two options that you can use this application for meeting new people. One of these options is shake feature. You are going to shake your phone while you are on Shake section of the app and you are going to meet people from different countries of the world. It will be a random meeting at all and you won’t need to do something special for it. It’s free! The other option is nearby chat. You can see people around you with this feature and you can say “hi” them. WeChat BlackBerry doesn’t support many languages but English, Chinese and Indonesian. If you know English, you can still use the application. WeChat is also a good messenger to talk with friends. Sometimes shake feature doesn’t work on some devices. You can read our guidelines about how to get rid of this error.

We are going to introduce more applications for you on here.

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