Little known features of Spotify App

We searched for the unknown services offered by Spotify, the world’s largest online music streaming service with more than 320 million active users, of which 145 million are paid, that comes to mind today when listening to music. In fact, this app, which is primarily used for listening to music, has many useful features. Although most of these features are known by users, there may be some features that you overlooked or forgot to use. In this list, we have listed the lesser-known features of Spotify.

Little-known features of Spotify

All lesser known features are listed below.

  • Recover deleted playlists

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Access the best sound quality

  • Adding the song that is not on Spotify to your account

  • See song contributors

  • 1 month free use of downloaded content thanks to offline mode

  • Spotify codes

  • Creating a new playlist from songs similar to your playlist

  • Finding the song by typing only the lyrics in the search field

  • Listening to music while navigation is on by connecting Google Maps and Spotify

  • Link your Shazam account

  • Advanced search

  • Creating a playlist folder

  • Using the equalizer

  • Starting a group session

  • Create a collaborative playlist

  • Make an alarm sound for songs in Spotify with Google Clock (Android Exclusive)

  1. Recover deleted playlists

Thanks to the playlists, you can collect unrelated songs in a single playlist, as well as similar songs. But sometimes you need to delete playlists, or someone accessing your account may delete your playlists without your knowledge. The way to recover deleted playlists is very simple.

Step #1: Go to Spotify’s official website and log in.

Step #2: Click on the 3 lines at the top right and click on “Account”.

Step #3: Click on “Restore Playlists”.

In this section, you can see the names of the playlists you deleted before, how many songs they consist of and when they were deleted.

Step #4: You can recover your deleted playlists by clicking “Restore” next to the playlist you want to restore.

  1. Free use of downloaded content for 1 month with offline mode

Spotify automatically starts withdrawing money from you every month from the date you start your Premium membership. If there is a problem with the payment process, it will automatically downgrade you to the free version and you will not be able to benefit from the premium privileges until you pay the fee again. However, by taking your account to Offline Mode, you can listen to the songs you downloaded for 30 days without paying any more.

To perform this operation, click on the top right wheel on the main page of the mobile application, reach the “Settings” section and activate the “Offline Mode”.

If you want to learn how to make more features, come to our continuation article.

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