Blackberry has many good chat app on their App World market, however there’s no Omegle Chat App on the market yet. If you would like to chat with people randomly, there are still some alternatives for you on the App World.  You can download these Omegle Alternatives and you can use them freely with your BB devices. There are many good alternatives of Omegle BlackBerry, we are going to introduce some of these alternatives for you at incoming pages.

You can download Omegle App for Android and iPhone. There are also many good Omegle Alternatives for these operating systems. You can still connect to Omegle Mobile from the main page of the site, if you have a BlackBerry device. However you won’t able to use many features. Such as video chat. Unfortunately there’s no video chat app for the site at the moment at any operating system. So you won’t miss anything special. You can use spy mode, text chat features with mobile version of the site. You won’t need to download mobile version and you won’t need to register for it. You will start to talk to strangers after you connect to the site with your browser. It will make things easier for you.

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