Does Omegle Video Chat Works on Mobile or Smartphones?

We have got many questions about that recently on How to Chat Online and we decided to give information for you if Omegle video chat works on mobile devices or smartphones. Omegle has been published in their official Twitter account that, the system has working on Chrome Beta 2013.
Important Update: Omegle video chat is working with Puffin Browser now. If you are using Android please click here, if you are using iOS please click here.

However many updates has done in Chrome Beta in both App Store and Google Play since 2013.  If you have the older version of Chrome, it will still work on your device however new versions in some many devices won’t work. That’s because Omegle didnt update the chat system for Chrome Beta yet. It still works on some devices.

Can You Chat any Alternative Website with Video Chat?

ChatAlternative is providing this service for you. There is an original application where you can download from Google Play and you can video chat randomly with strangers on this application. The application is free to use and you can download it in a few seconds. ChatAlternative is also providing clan chat for their users. You should read the site terms and rules carefully otherwise you can get ban from the website.

Chatous is another alternative way to talk to people, however they are not providing video chat for their users yet on iPhone nor Android devices. It is also random chat which you can create profile and share your pictures.

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