How to Unban from OMG Chat

If you have banned from OMGchat and if you would like to remove the ban, this guideline will help you about that. This guide will be for accounts which doesn’t include tokens and accounts which has tokens. Accounts with tokens are hard to remove ban but you still able to do that with a few ways. Let’s begin to tell how to unban from the website. You will find a few steps below. If you fail apply these steps on your PC or MAC, please let us know via commenting this page.

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Remove Ban from OMG Chat (Free Accounts)

You can scroll down for accounts with tokens. If you have a free account, you can easily get rid of ban problems since there is not anything which will affect your status on the website.

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If you don’t have dedicated IP for your internet connection, do the following:

1-) Remove all cookies from your browser.

2-) Close your browser at all and restart your computer.

3-) Unplug your router and wait for 5 minutes.

4-) Plug your router again.

5-) Open your browser and go to OMG Chat.

6-) Get a new account from the website and begin to talk to people once more.

If you have dedicated IP for your internet connection, do the following:

1-) Clean all cookies of Google Chrome first. (You need Google Chrome for all steps below.)

2-) Go to and download the VPN service.

3-) Unzip the Ultrasurf file.

4-) Run the exe file on it. No need installation. The VPN is portable at all.

5-) The program will automatically work. You don’t need to setup anything.

6-) Go to OMG Chat and get a new account.

Unban from OMGChat (Accounts with Tokens)

If you have account with tokens and if you think that you have banned from OMG Chat without any good reason, you can always contact them. You can click here to see how to Contact OMG Chat support.

You can try this alternatively: Emerald Chat: Meet People at Random Chat Website without Bots

Request Free Support

Go to Support Forums

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