Top 10 Online Chat Sites of 2015

Top 10 Online Chat Sites1-) Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is one of the most popular online chat sites on Internet. It’s the first site that you can meet when you search “chat” on Google. There are many kind of chat rooms on the site for teens, kids, general and other mature stuffs. If you would like to meet people from United States, United Kingdom, India, Netherlands or Italy, we recommend this chat site for you. Registration is not required for join to the site. The site takes first place in our Top 10 listing with features they provide their users. There are many online users on the site at any time of the day.

2-) E-Chat

E-Chat is taking second place in our listing. You can meet people from Sweden, India, United States and United Kingdom on E-Chat. It’s ranking 100k in Alexa rankings. Registration is not required on the site. You can chat with people online and you can meet new friends from the countries which we mentioned on above. If you want a permanent username from the site, there’s still an option for sign up. The site is chat room based. There are rooms for role play, flirt, teens, and general. You can see pictures of users on the site and easily can figure out their genders.
3-) Chatiw

Chatiw is a good online chat site and it deserved to get third place in our listing of 2015. The site is providing very different kind of chat service for their users. You will generally meet people from United States, Pakistan, Egypt, United Kingdom and Netherlands. You will also meet people from your own country too. There is also a gender filter on the site which will help you to find only girls. You will see your partners age and location too. The site offers a good chat service and you will find online people on here easily at any gender you want. However the site offers only text chat.

4-) StrangerMeetUp

Stranger Meet Up is another fantastic random chat site which we have placed 4th rank in How to Chat Online listing of 2015. You will meet people from United States, India and United Arab Emirates on this site. You can talk to strangers with text chat on here. You can make new friends and if you would like to video chat with them, you can invite them to Skype or Facebook. StrangerMeetUp is growing day by day. If site developers improve the site, we belive that it will be the best Omegle alternative. There’s also a random chat app for Android of the site.

5-) Lycos Chat

Lycos Chat is getting 5th place in our Top 10 list. It’s a reliable and secure chat service of Lycos. You will generally meet people from Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Turkey and India. You can register to the site with your Facebook account. Don’t worry, Lycos is one of the oldest internet companies, you can trust them anytime. Chat room and your profile privacy and security is very high on the site. If someone sends you a private message, you should allow them to do that first. Nicknames with red color are females and blue colors are male.

6-) Omegle

Omegle is very popular, however there are many security issues on the site. It’s a good random chat site with many free features. However there’s no security and privacy stuffs on Omegle. There are Omegle staff who are moderating to the site, but it doesn’t work for keeping users in safe. You can meet people from USA, United Kingdom, India, Turkey and Indonesia on Omegle.


JustChat is another good and reliable chat services for online chat. You chat chat with your mobile device on the site. It’s very popular on United Kingdom and United States. It also provides Java Chat, Flash Chat and HTML chat options for their users It’s free and registration is not required for JustChat.

8-) Chatous

Chatous is an awesome site to talk to strangers and it’s the best alternative of Omegle surely. The site developers has made a good job with improvement of video chat. There’s a high quality and full screen video chat feature on the site. There are also good applications of the site on many official OS webpages. There are generally people from United States, Indonesia, India, United Kingdom and Iran on Chatous.

9-) Chatrandom

Chatrandom is a good site to talk to strangers but it’s the worst if you don’t want to meet perverts. There’s no moderation for camera views on the site at all. There’s no rules and terms. If you like the chaos, so you should prefer Chatrandom. You are going to meet people from India, United States of America, Germany, Italy and Brazil on the site.

10-) WorldChatOnline

It’s a new site and it will help you to meet people from different countries on different chat sites. It sounds interesting, we know… World Chat Online is a chat site like all in one. You click on blue button and connect a chat site to talk to strangers. You should certainly try it! You will meet people from India, United States and Turkey on World Chat Online.

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