If you would like to meet with beautiful Ecuadorian girls and guys from different countries of the world, there’s a good Omegle Ecuador alternative for you on internet. It’s El Chat Ecuador. You can talk to strangers from this country on the site and you won’t need to purchase any premium account or features. You will able to send messages privately to people and you will able to get messages privately. You won’t need to pay for any of these features on the site besides you don’t need to get an account. If you want a permanent username on the website, you can still get it. Getting an account is free as well. Besides it won’t take your too much time. You need to enter a mail address and a username to the form. That’s all. After you register your account, you will able to use it permanently. You won’t need a sms activation like Chatroulette, so it will be quite easy to have an account on the site.

El Chat Ecuador is a good site for meet strangers. However the site language is in Spanish. You don’t need to know Spanish for talking to people on the site but we recommend you to use English language while you are sending private messages to people.

Talk to Ecuadorian Girls on El Chat Ecuador

Ecuador has many beautiful girls and you can meet these brunette beauties on El Chat easily. All you need to do is making a search on Google as “El Chat Ecuador” and entering the room. You will need to pick a nickname yourself, select a gender and write your age before you enter the room. After you enter the room, you will see gender icons just near of usernames. You can click twice to girl names to begin to talk them. That’s all you have to do! Now you can talk to strangers from Ecuador. This is a only text chat platform. You will need to look alternative sites if you are seeking for a video chat. You can also take a look at our Chatroulette Ecuador tips to find out how to meet girls on a random chat site.

Talk to Ecuadorian Guys

You can also talk to guys from Ecuador on the site with text chat. It’s free. You can follow our tips which we have given for you on the above and find out best girls for yourself. It’s a free service and you shouldn’t worry about your security while you are talking to guys. Since it’s almost impossible prank and record people on text chat sites.

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  1. Hello,

    I am from Peru. 23 m Lima. I would like to meet with beautiful Latino American girls. If you are interested please leave your Facebook ID or Whatsapp here. I will add you instantly. Thank you very much.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Hakim and I woırld like to meet beautiful Ecuadorian girls. If you would like to meet me please let me know. I am interested to chat with any kind of girls from South America. I know Spanish a little bit.


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