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Syrian Girls 7If you would like to talk to strangers from whole Arabia, you can enter Syria Room Com to find them. There are more than 50 chat rooms inside and there are specific chat rooms for different countries on Syria Room Chat. There is Algerian chat room, French chat room, Kurdish chat room, dating chat room, Lebanon chat room, free girl chat room and more… You can login one of these sites freely. However you will need to download a program for joining chat rooms. You will able to find this program in site. When you click on a random chat room, the system will ask you to download a program. We have scanned program for you and there’s nothing dangerous. After you install this tool, you will able to chat with people from different countries of Arabia. We are going to tell you how to download this tool with detailed information for you.

If you want to have your own chat room, you can also create it. However you will need to contact to site staff for that. If you want to be operator of an Arab Chat site, you can do that, but you will need to pay for it. If you want to join other chat sites, you can enter them freely.

The site is perfect if you want to start a dating with Arab girls, Muslim girls or Christian girls who are living in Arabia.


How Do You Chat on Syria Room Chat?

It’s very easy to chat with strangers on the site. If you know Arabic language, you can talk on main channels but if you don’t know it, we recommend you to send private messages. Otherwise you may get ban from the site. We will also tell you how to unban from site. When you right click on a nickname, you will see private message option there or you can just click on a nickname twice to start a conversation on chat room. If someone annoys you while you are chatting on site, you can right click on his/her nickname and click on ignore.

You can also use these two options on the site. If you don’t have a camera, you can still use text. People already generally using text on the channels. You shouldn’t worry about camera or microphone at all.

How to Unban and Proxy Services

If you ever get banned from Syria Room Chat, you will need a few tools. The best way for getting unban from the site is using a VPN service. You can make a search on google as “UItrasurf” and you can download free VPN service. You don’t need to install it to your computer. Just download the program and unzip it. Click exe file and wait until program connects to server. That’s all! Now, you can join the site.

If you want to login to site but if you ever get banned from the site, you can use some proxy services. There are many good proxy providers on internet. If you ever find a proxy from Arabia, that will be quite nice for you. You can use these proxy services and you can login to site.


If you need to download the file you can find the program on internet. This is a service of All2Chat. You need to download it from internet. You can search it on Google and find the program easily. It’s very nice and easy to use. After you install your program to your computer, you will able to connect any chat room on the site.

Free and No Registration Required

The site is 100% free service. You don’t need to make a payment for any feature of the site. However if you ever create an Arab Chat room for yourself, you will need to make a payment for that. If you want to chat with Arab girls and guys, you can always use free chat rooms of the site. Besides you don’t need to register to site at all. If you want a permanent nickname you can register an account while you are logging into chat rooms.

Create Your Own Arab Chat Room

It’s one of the most important features of the site. You can create your own Arab chat room on the site and you can be operator of your own channel. You will enjoy while you are chatting with people there. You can contact to administration for having a room.

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