Skyrock doesn’t only include French chat rooms. There are also English chat rooms on the site where you can meet with people from different countries. If you are looking for meet someone who is living USA, there’s also a good channel for you on the site. However you shouldn’t forget that, registering is required for this site. Otherwise you won’t able to chat at all. If you are looking for no registration required chat services, we recommend you to look at other alternatives. You can meet many beautiful American girls on Chat USA service of the site. You can also meet people from Mexico and Canada on the channel. You can make friends and you can start dating with girls and guys on this site.

Skyrock Chat has one of the best chat services of Western Europe and North Africa. You will find many online people on channels of the site. There are always more than 10.000 online users on the site anytime.  If you want to meet people from North America, we recommend you to take a look options in this site first. There is also a channel for Canada already. You can join both countries channel in the same time.

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Mobile Chat Applications

You can join Skyrock Chat with any kind of mobile devices. Developers have made applications for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. If you have a phone which has one of these devices, you can join rooms of Skyrock chat and begin to talk to American strangers on Chat USA with your phone.

Video Chat and Audio Chat

Chat USA also includes features like video chat and audio chat. You don’t need to spend money or something like that to use these features. All you need to do is registering to site and it’s free. Actually you can also find these feature in other chat rooms of Skyrock Chat. You can use fake webcam programs if you don’t violate site terms. If you ever violate terms, you are going to get ban from the site and it’s very hard to fix to bans.

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  1. It is a trifle difficult to chat with an American girl , you know I am from the hell but I really like your style ! Lucky him ,


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