If you have an Android device and if you want to chat on Skyrock Chat with your mobile phone or tablet you will can easily enter Skyrock and meet with people from any country you want on the site. You will able to use many features of the site with application but video chat. Unfortunately you won’t able to use camera chat with your mobile phone or tablet. If you ever want to spend nice time, you can login to your account with these applications and you can use text chat feature to talk to people.

You don’t need to do too much for getting this application. Just go to Google Play and make a search as “Skyrock Chat” download the application to your phone, install it and then login to your account. Enter any chat room you want and begin to chat. It’s quite easy to use and very reliable. Besides it’s free. The site doesn’t require any cash for mobile chat version. You can meet people from North Africa, Europe and North America with this application and you can get new friends. You can even start a dating with girls and guys! If you want to chat with someone with your camera, you can invite her to Skype or any other application which has camera chat.

Mobile Chat Application for Android Phones and Tablets

You can use these applications for both Android Phones and Tablets. You can click here for go to Google Play and you can make a search as “Skyrock Chat” on the site. Click on the first plugin you see on the list and click on “Download” button. Install it to your phone or tablet and begin to talk to people. The plugin has more than 16000 5 stars at the moment on Google Play. Many users like this plugin on the site and many users from Algeria, France, Belgium and Morocco are using this application. You need to have Android 4.0 or higher to get this application. Otherwise it won’t work in android phones or tablets.

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