How Did I Practise Albanian Language on Chat Websites

We have told you about Albanian chat websites for a while ago. While I investigated some of those chat rooms of Albania, I have made some friends. I even started to listen some songs in Albanian language. Especially these songs have attracted me to learn and practise Albanian language. For me the language is quite beautiful which sounds like French.

This is one of those songs I have listened firstly in Albanian language:

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I think now I am a fan of Shkumbin Ismaili. Especially I adore his slow songs… Let me tell you how did I begin to practise Albanian through those chat websites.

Finding a Chat Website

There are several good chat websites of Albania. They all are based on text chat and they all are related with IRC. You can find those chat rooms on How to Chat Online. We recommend you to use Netedy Chat or Parajsa Chat. Those both websites are very good to communicate with people. You don’t need to register those chat platforms. There is a mobile chat version of Netedy Chat at the moment.

If you would like to practise Albanian language on internet, we recommend one of those two websites.

Find Some Friends

Firstly I recommend you to find friends with English language instead of talking to a language that you have never practised before. However if you have a little bit knowledge about Albanian language, you can go practise though. If you don’t know much about the language, I recommend you to find friends. Not every Albanian people can talk English. However there are still many. Generally chat members of a website are joining those social networking platforms regularly. So you can meet them very often. Making some friends on those websites will help you a lot to learn English.

Begin to Practise Albanian Language

Time passed and you made some friends through the website. You can tell your friends that you want to practise the language on the website. Many Albanian people will be surprised with that. I believe most of them don’t know how beautiful language they have. They will accept your request happily.  Now you will begin to talk them.

I recommend you to use an Albanian grammar book and google translator. You shouldn’t try translate the whole sentences though. Google Translate will helpful to translate some words. However it is very bad at Albanian-English translation yet.

Some Tips For Talking to Albanian People

These are some key facts for talking to Albanian people…

  • Albanian people are generally Muslim. However this is not a kind of Islam in Middle East countries. Most of Albanian people are modern and most of them don’t care about the religion much.
  • You will need to respect their country because they are very caring for Albania. It is said there is one religion of Albania. It is Albania. They can also even misunderstand your jokes about Albania. Yeah, I did it once and it got 3 hours to make him believe that it was just a joke.

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