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PokeChat is a useful chat site where you can meet people from different countries of the world. There are about 150 countries chat room on the website which you can find Pokemon Go fans. You can chat them freely and you can make friends through this chatting. There are many useful guidelines for users on the website. You can use this guideline while chatting with people and you can gather more information on Pokestops, Pokeballs, Pokemon Go Gyms, gameplay, eggs and many other items in the game. You will able to use all features of the game knowingly with help of Pokemon Go chat. You will able to talk to Pokemon Go fans who are living in your country with this website. The website is working with Google Chrome for Android and iOS devices. If you don’t have Google Chrome, we recommend you to install this application before entering Pokechat.org.

How to Chat On the Pokemon Go Chat

Let’s show you how to chat on the website. You won’t need to register for it at all.

  • Go to Pokechat.org.
  • Select your country from top of the website:PokeChat Select Country
  • Click on “Enter Chat” button on the chat board.Pokemon Go Chat - Enter Chat
  • Select a nickname for yourself and type it into the empty field and click on enter chat without registration button.pokemon go chat - without registration
  • You are in. Now type any message you want and click send button. You can also send private messages to other users on the website.

Begin to Chat

Pokemon Go Chat

Pokemon Go is not available for many countries on Android. You can find some tips on the website that how you can install the application in your country. Users are also very friendly on the website. You can use those chat platforms anytime on the website. Just select your country and begin to talk to Pokemon Go fans. Some channels on the website is not local though. Most of them are international.

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