Parajsa Chat: The Most Popular Albanian Chat Website

Parajsa Chat is a quality Albanian chat site where you can meet with people from Dardania region of Balkans, West Europe and North America. There also many Albanians who are living in other regions of the world. If you would like to meet with one of these people, this site will be a good choice of you. The website is not only in Albanian language There are also a few other language options on the site. Italian, Albanian and English. You can select one of these options. You can begin to talk Albanian people. There are also chat rooms for Shqiperia, Kosova and Dardania chat. We are going to introduce these chatrooms for you.

Parajsa Chat
Date Launched 2006
Operating Systems Windows OS, MacOS, Linux
Area Served Albania, European Union, North America
Industry Chat
Languages Albanian, English, Italy
Current Status Active

The site is in web-based IRC site. It’s easy to use it. If you have used it before it won’t be problem for you to use site. If you would like to meet with Albanian girls and Albanian guys, this site will be a perfect choice of you. There is also many successful dating and friendship stories on the site. If you want to be one of them, you can use Parajsa Chat anytime. There’s no registration required for using site at all. There’s only text option here.

Shqiperia in Parajsa Chat

Shqiperia Chat is a good place to chat with Albanian people. You will able to meet with many people here. All you need to do is clicking on Shqiperia Chat on the main page of the site. Enter your nickname and join the channel. It is also a good example of Dardania Chat.

Kosovar in Parajsa Chat

Chat Kosovar will be good for you, if you would like to chat with Kosovar people. They are generally Albanian people and prefer to talk Albanian. You can also find English speakers at times. They love to chat with strangers and you can find them online anytime of the day.

Kosova Chat

Kosova Chat is a good place to meet with Kosovar people. There are many Albanian people on the site where are living in Kosovo. There are Kosovar girls and guys. You can talk with them and you can get new friends from this nice country. Kosovar people are also Albanian and they are talking Albanian language. Since they are Albanians, you won’t talk to another foreign person from another country.

Parajsa Chat is a good Albanian Chat site for Meet People from Kosovo and Albania.

Dardania Chat in Parajsa Chat

Dardania is a historical region in Balkans where Albanian people ruled ages ago. You can meet with people from this region on these chat rooms and you can also start to dating with them. There are many women and men on Dardania chat.

You can also find these chat rooms on Parajsa Chat and you can chat with people in these rooms safely. It’s free to use at all, so you are not going to pay for it. You can watch details on Youtube Video and you can also learn how to use the website. It’s quite easy!

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