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Online Afghan chat sites are generally easy to find on Internet and we can say that we have found many Afghanistan chatting site on Internet. I believe you will able to find many too. Generally Afghans are joining these sites who are speaking in English and Persian. I believe you will able to find many beautiful and handsome partners in these sites. We are going to recommend some sites for you for chatting with people from this country.

You can meet new people from Afghanistan with the help of online Afghan chat websites.

With the websites which we have provided below, you will meet many beautiful Afghan girls on these channels. You will also meet with people who are living on Sweden, Pakistan, United States of America, Australia, India and other Asian countries. You can start a dating with a girl or a guy on this channel and you can make new friends from Europe, Asia and Oceania.

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Afghan Network: The Best Online Afghan Chat Site

This website is a good online Afghan chat site. You can use this one alternatively to others. A good opportunity for find a Afghan partner. Afghan Online, Afghan Networks and 1chatroom are the best choices. We started with this website because it has been in the sector for years and they are providing a good service for their users. Afghan Network is also the popular website of the country with many other website categories. If you would like to get news from Afghanistan, you can also use this service. It is free to use.


Online Afghan Chat

The website is one of online Afghan chat site and they include many users inside. So it will make things easier for you to find  partner. The website’s system is in java and easy to use. This website is only give permission for those who is older than 18 years old. If you are under 18, site admins asking for parental guidance. Otherwise you may get ban from site and you can’t login to the website for a while. Generally people are welcome new visitors in this site and they are warm against foreigners. The website is a good alternative of Afghan Network, however the chat panel of the website is quite old. So we recommend you to try alternative ones. Watanchat is also a good one for you to chat with people from this country.



1Chatroom is an Iran based website and there are some chat rooms related with many other countries. Many Afghans know Persian and they can use this site easily because it’s close with their Dari language. The site is in Persian language and we recommend you to join this site if you know Persian or use Google Translator. You will hardly find English speakers on this website. However it’s still a good online Afghan chat site. You may find good partners here.

Update (04.02.2018): The website is no longer available, you can also give a try this website instead of it: Watanchat: Mobile


Alternative Websites

There are also alternative websites which we haven’t mentioned about them on this page. You can take a look our reviews about these sites too. These are recommended alternative sites for Afghanistan:

Omegle Afghanistan: There are useful tips about how to meet people and girls from Afghanistan on this page. You can get our tips and meet with girls from Afghanistan freely. More information: Omegle Afghanistan.

Herat Chat Room: If you want to meet people from Herat city, you can get some useful chat room tips on here. More information: Herat Channels.

Afghan Chat: You can learn about free flash websites and chat rooms of the country. More information: Afghan Chat Rooms.

WatanChat: is a good service. We have provided the information on this for you above. You can also use this website alternatively.

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