Netedy Chat: All in One Albanian Chat Rooms for All Operating Systems

If you would like to find all Albanian chat rooms in a platform, Netedy Chat is going to provide what you want. The website is providing free chat rooms for Albania. It will also help you to meet people from different cities of the country. The website is providing text chat only. There is not video chat on the website. We are going to provide some information on Netedy Chat on here. You will know how to use the website and how to enter to the website with the information on here.

Netedy Chat
Date Launched 2015
Operating Systems iOS, Windows OS, macOS, Android
Area Served Albania
Industry Chat
Languages Albanian, English
Current Status Active

You can find more information about usage of the website below…

How to Use Netedy Chat?

1 Go to the main website with the link we provide above.

2 Click on Chato Tani button on the main website.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 2 Click on Chato Tani

3 You will need to select a platform next. We recommend TheLounge for that. It provides a good interface for their users. Click on Chato Tani again which is located under TheLounge in the page. TheLounge is also available for Android and iPhone devices.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 3 Select TheLounge

4 Now you are at the last step to enter to the chat. You will need to click on the field on nick and get a nickname for yourself. You don’t need to touch other fields at all.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 4 Select a Nick

5 Click on connect to go to Albanian chat rooms.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 5 Click on Connect

Begin to Talk with Albanian People

6 Now you connected to chat room. You can begin to talk to people. To talk with people, click once on a nickname and then click on direct message from the menu. We will talk with someone who has got Sinner nickname on Netedy Chat. Left click on the nickname once.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 6 Left Click on Username

7 Click on direct message on the new menu.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 6 Click on Direct Message

8 At the bottom of the chat screen, there is a text field. Type the message there and hit enter on your keyboard.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 8 Begin to Type to the Text Field

9 You don’t need to wait for an answer. If he ever answers you, you will get a notification on chat panel. Now turn back to channel as we have shown in the picture below and begin to talk other people as we have told in this guide.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 9 Turn Back to Channel to Pick Other People

Update: Since the Sinner has quit the chat room while we prepare this. We started to talk someone else… We will go on our example on that with LostOnYou.

10 We sent the message and when you get a response there will be a 1 icon near of the nickname. Please see the image below. When you receive the notification, click on nickname to read message.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 11 Read the Response

11 Answer the response as we have told you above. In the example he/she responded us with a question mark since individual doesn’t know what is going on.

How to Use Netedy Chat - Step 12 Answer the respond

This is how you can use Netedy Chat. You can meet several online people and make Albanian friends from the website.

Netedy Chat Shqip – Basic Information on Website

The website has been created in 2015 and started to be popular recently in internet world. There are more than 200 online users on chat rooms of Netedy Chat in a time. So that makes website very valuable for text chat fans. You can chat with Albanian people without an application with Netedy Chat.

Netedy Chat is an online chat room which is based on Albania.

User Population

Users are generally Albanians on the website and they generally prefer to talk in Albanian language. There are also Albanians who are living in United States of America, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Kosovo in the website. As same as many other foreign chat websites, there are people who can talk English but they are in minority.

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