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Mashy Chat is another nice chat site of Arabia, and you can meet many people from different Arab countries on the site. There are many online users on the site who are chatting different rooms of the site. There are chat rooms of Arab countries on the site as same as other Arab chat sites. There is also a chat with girls and guys chat room (a dating chat room), Mashy chat room, English chat room, Egypt night channel. You will find North Africa and Arabia countries chat rooms. You don’t need to register it and you don’t need to pay. All features are free and the site gives you options for entering to chat rooms as guest. There’s also a registration service for those who wants a permanent nick name on the channel. There’s also a high quality video chat, audio chat services. We are going to tell you more about channels and services of the site in some paragraphs below. Besides we are going to introduce you chat rooms of the site at incoming posts. You can still check the list of Arab chat rooms on this page.

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Mashy Chat Rooms – List Arab and English Channels

There are many flash chat rooms for you. You may find many people who wants to be friends with you in these channels. You can speak English, Arabic and French on these channels.

Mashy Egypt : There are people from Egypt on this channel. It’s a free service of the site.

Mashy Teens: There are generally people who are younger than 18 years on this channel. You can chat with girls and guys from Arabia on this channel.

Mashy Arabia: This chat room is for those who want to chat with Arab people whole around of the world.

Mashy English: You can chat only English on this channel. You can meet English speaking Arabic girls and guys on here. Arab language is not allowed there.

Mashy Egypt Night: Do you want to chat when it’s night in Egypt? It’s a night chat room of the country.

Mashy Tunisia: If you want to meet with beautiful Tunisian girls from North Africa, you can meet them on this channel.

Mashy Libya: There are many online people from Libya on Mashy Chat.

Mashy Algeria: If you want to chat in French or Arabic, you can join this channel.

Mashy Sudan: Do you want to meet East African girls? You will find them on Sudan chat room.

Mashy Morocco: It’s another chat room which you can chat in French or Arabic languages.

Mashy Syria: Meet with girls from Syria in this chat room.

Mashy Lebanon: You can chat with Armenian, Lebanese people here.

Mashy Emirates: Do you want to meet with people from UAE? This chat room is free for you.

Mashy Kuwait: Meet people from Gulf on this channel.

Mashy Palestine: If you want to meet Palestinian people, this channel will give you what you want.

You can use all these chat rooms freely on Mashy Chat. They are free and you don’t need to register for join these channels. You can speak English, French and Arabic and you can use video chat and audio chat features on these Arab chat rooms.

Talk to Arab People

You can talk to Arab people who are living many different countries on Mashy Chat. There are Egyptian people, Sudanese people, Kuwaiti people, Emirati people, Lebanese people, Syrian, Moroccan people, Saudi people and many others on the site.

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