Iraq is one of the largest countries on Arabia. There are many people from Mosul, Baghdad, Basra, Arbil and Kirkuk on chat sites. If you want to meet people from these cities, Maktoob Iraq Chat is providing you a safe chat opportunity. You can make friends different cities of Iraq on the site and you can even start a dating with them. If you would like to meet them with cam chat or voice chat, you can also do that with Chat Maktoob. There are also alternative chat rooms. There is Lebanon chat room, Syria chat room and Kuwait chat room on the site. These countries are also close to Iraq in the region. If you want to join another chat sites alternatively, you can try them on the site. All chat rooms are free.

Maktoob Iraq Chat has many online users any time of the day. It won’t be problem for you to meet with males or females on the site and you will able to talk to many Arab strangers. You will also meet with Turkmens, Kurdish people, Assyrians and Yazidi people on the chat room. You will love to talk to these nice people and you will make many new friends.

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