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Ecuador is in the north side of South America continent. It’s one of the most little countries of South America. You can meet with these people on Latin Chat and you can make many friends. There are many online males and females from Guayaquil, Quito, Machala, Cuenca and Santa Domingo on the site. You will need to enter the main page of the site and click on Latin Chat Ecuador on the main page. It will take you the channel. Before you enter to the site, you will need to pick up a nickname for yourself. Try to find out a good nickname before you enter. A good nickname means a lot for text chat sites. It must be a good and attractive nick. So many people will want to talk to you. You can still El Chat Ecuador, if you don’t like the performance of the site or if you are planning to talk to Ecuadorian people in a random chat, you should take a look at our Omegle Ecuador guidelines. You will get some tips for talk to only girls on Omegle there.

The main language is Spanish on the site. If you know this language very well, it won’t be problem for you to contact to people. However if you don’t know Spanish, it will be hard to find someone who knows English. You should be patient while you are seeking people who knows English since they are not many on the channel. We also recommend you to not to talk in channel-wide in English language. Otherwise you may get ban from chat room.

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