lablue german girlsIf you want a good German dating chat site, Lablue is one of the most popular chat sites in Germany. We recommend you to use it. It will help you to find partners easily and you will able to meet with people from different countries. There are generally online people from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy (South Tyrol), Poland and Namibia. There are also a few people from Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, South Africa, Croatia, Romania and Russia on the site. If you want to meet with girls from these countries, this site will be an good opportunity for you. The site mostly has German and Swiss users.

If you don’t know German, you can hardly register to site. However you can still use Google Translate to translate it to English. Otherwise I don’t recommend you this site, if you don’t know German at all. You can start a dating with beautiful German girls and beautiful Swiss girls on the site. You don’t need to pay features of the site. You can chat, send messages and receive messages freely on the site. The site motto is already no hidden costs! We will tell you how to register to site, how to talk with people and how to login for beginners.


You can chat with many online people on Lablue. The site is quite popular on Germany and Switzerland. It’s one of the best German dating chat sites. You can meet with many people from these countries and you can date with them. You can make search on the site and you can find girls from Berlin, Hamburg and all other German cities. You can also do same for other Switzerland cities. There’s also Austrian version of the site. If you want to meet with Austrian girls, you can try out that.

Video Chat

Unfortunately there’s no video chat feature on the site at the moment. However you can see many pictures of your partners on the site. So you are not going to miss too much.


If you would like to register to site, you should give valid information to the site. Otherwise you won’t able to register to site. A valid e-mail address is very important in registration period because they will want you to activate your account with a mail. You don’t need to fill many forms for getting membership. It will take your 2-3 minutes to get an free account


After you complete registration period, now you are ready to start a dating with girls and guys on Lablue. Enter your nickname or username to “Pseudonym” are in top bar and enter your password to “Passwort” area! That’s all!

Mobile Chat on iPhone and Android

There’s also a Mobile chat version of the site which you can talk with your partners freely with your devices. It’s working for all Apple (iPhone, iPad) devices and also for Android devices. Windows Phones are also eligible for Mobile version of the site.

Österreich (Austria)

There’s also Austrian (Österreich) version of the site. You can also use that if you want to meet with girls from Austria. It has similar features with German version and you don’t need to pay for any services.


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