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Knuddels Chat GirlsIf you would like to chat with Germans, Knuddels Chat will be a good site for you to communicate with them. There are some chat rooms on the site. It’s one of the most quality dating German chat sites of Germany and you can meet with many people from this country. There are 7000 overall online people on each rooms. We are going to give you information about these rooms and you will able to find some information about what kind of people you can meet on the site. It’s completely a free site… It’s also motto of the site: ” %100 free dating chat site“.

However the site is in German. You can translate to site with Google Translate and you can register to site. You don’t need to activate your account with mail. All you need to do is registering to site. You can upload your photos, enter your age and gender while you are registering to site. So your partners will able to understand what do you look like and they will want to chat with you. It’s a chat room based site and there’s no random chat here at all. If you would like to talk with German strangers freely, we recommend this site for you. You can also try Lablue and BildKontakte alternatively.

Find Out Girls and Guys Profiles Before Start to Chat

Knuddels Chat is a good German chat site which people can create their profiles. You can check “fotogalerie” before you start to chat with people and you can find best guys or girls for dating on the site. When you check profiles you can see how does your partners look like. You can also see photos of girls on chat rooms. Just hover your mouse on nicknames and then their photos are going to appear in your screen. If you look your partners profile, you can easily understand what do they like.

HTML and Java Chat Rooms on Knuddels

There are many chat rooms on Knuddels. There are java chat rooms on the site. If you don’t have java in your computer, don’t worry. you can still use HTML chat versions. They have almost same features and they all are free. You will able to see gender sign near of the nicknames. You can select your partners with their genders on the site.

How to Login

If you want to login to site, alll you need to do is connecting main page of the site. You will able to see a login form there. Enter your registered name to “Nickname”, enter your password to “Passwort” and click on “Einloggen” to complete to login. That’s all.

Knuddels Mobile

Knuddels has mobile versions for Android and iPhone. Since site and chat platforms are working with HTML, you can also use your mobile phone without using any application. However it will be a little bit hard for you to connect to site. All applications are in German.

Android App

There is also an Android application of Knuddels and you can use it safely. Android application of the site is working perfect. You will love to use it and you don’t need to pay for this service at all. You can find Adroid application of the site in Google Play. You can use same features with computer.

iPhone and iPad App From iTunes

If you want an app for iPhone and iPad, you can get it from app store with your devices. You can chat on more than 100 chat rooms in these apps. You can get it from iTunes.

These are the most valuable features of Knuddels Chat. You will love to chat here, if you don’t even know German.

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