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arab girls 10If you want a dating with Arabic people who are living USA, Arabia, North Africa or North Europe there are many good options for you on internet. Facebook, Omegle, Chatroulette and dating chat sites are the best for reach your target. Kalamngy Chat  is another popular chat site of Arab World. There are generally users from Egypt and there are also people from Libya, Kuwait, Algeria and Morocco. If you want to meet with people from these countries, it’s a good chat site for you. The site is one of the best Arab Chat on internet. There are also other chat sites which you can use alternatively. However we are going to mention about alternatives a few paragraphs below.

The site is based on IRC and it’s a web based chat service. There’s an anti-proxy scanner on their IRC server and if you are using proxy while you are joining to site, you are going to get ban. However this service may ban to people who is not using proxy at all too. We will tell you how to get unban from the site in another post. You can read a review of the site on this page and how to use the site. If you are new with chat sites, this guide will help you a lot.

Chat Rooms

There are many chat rooms which you can use freely. You can talk with text with your partners and you can make friends from specific countries. These are chat rooms:

  • Teen & Girls: If you are younger than 22 years old you can join this room and meet Arab girls from different countries.
  • Romantic: It’s a dating chat service and you can flirt with Arab girls and guys on here.
  • All Arabs: All Arabs chat room is a channel for those who wants to meet Arabs from random countries.
  • Jordan Chat Room: You can meet with Jordanian people on here.
  • Gulf: If you want to meet with people from Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait), you can join this channel.
  • Palestine Chat Room: Meet with handsome guys and beautiful girls of Palestine on there.
  • Egypt Chat Room: The most crowded room in Kalamngy Chat. You should try this room to find English speaking Arabic partners from North Africa.
  • Algeria Chat Room: Meet French speaking Arabic people on this chat room.
  • Lebanon Chat Room: Want to chat on a chat room which includes many ethnics inside? You will want to join Lebanon chat.
  • Iraq Chat Room: You can meet Kurdish and Arabic people from North Arabia on here.
  • Libya Chat Room: Another crowded chat room of the site. You can meet many online Libyans on here.
  • Saudi Arabia Chat Room: You can meet Saudi guys on this channel freely.
  • Kuwait Chat Room: Kuwait is a beautiful Gulf country in Middle East. You will want to meet friendly people of Kuwait.
  • UAE Chat Room: You can meet foreigners and Arab people who are living on UAE in this channel.
  • Syria Chat Room: You will enjoy while you are chatting with Syrian girls.
  • Maroc Chat Room: You can meet with beautiful North African girls on Maroc chat room.

If you can’t find what you expected from these channels, you can still try our strategies for meeting with Arab girls on Omegle. You can also try ChatKom Arab Chat too. You will also find many people online people from Arabia there and you will talk them with your camera and microphone devices.

How to Chat

If you are new in web-based IRC, you can follow instructions if you want to chat on Kalamngy Chat.

  • Go to main page of the site.
  • Click on Chat Rooms button.
  • Click on the chat room which you want to join.
  • Enter a nickname. (You don’t need to fill password blank)
  • Click Enter and wait until server loads.

That’s all. Now click twice on a nickname you want to chat with.


There are many good alternatives of the site in Arabia where you can also chat with many online people.

Omegle – You can chat with people from Arabia on the site with setting your interests.

ChatKom – It’s a good chat site and there are many chat rooms where you can meet with Arabs. You can talk to people with your camera and devices.

Arab Chat – It’s a famous chat site of Arab World since 1996.

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