Did you get ban from Chat Hour and you can’t enter chat rooms of the website at the moment? We will tell you how to unban from the site on this page and you will able to remove suspension easily from your computer. We will tell you how to do that step by step to you. It won’t take too much time to do our tips. However we recommend you to obey rules and terms of the website if you don’t want to get ban again. Generally chat bans are based on IP or cookies. Once you are banned from the Chat Hour, you will need to change or remove these items from your computer. Let’s begin to tell you how to remove ban.

How to Remove Ban on Chat Hour

If you don’t have a dedicated internet IP, the things will be very easy for you. You should follow these steps:

Go to Random Chat

  • Clear all caches in your browser first. If you don’t do it, the system may get your new IP and you will be banned as result. Close your browser.
  • After you cleared all caches, restart your internet connection and get a new connection IP.
  • Reconnect Chat Hour.
  • If you have a registered account, don’t login with that account until site staff remove your ban.

If you have a dedicated internet connection, you should follow these steps:

  • Clear all caches and cookies in your computer.
  • Then restart your browser and download a VPN extension or VPN service. We recommend UltraSurf since it is very easy to use and 100 percent free. If you would like to use an extension, you can get Hola Better Internet extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Run the application and reconnect Chat Hour.

Please also note that: VPN services are shared connections. There are thousands of users who are using these services. If someone else already banned with the IP you connect to the website, you will be also banned from the website. You can try alternative connections on Ultrasurf or Hola Better Internet.

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