How to Meet Girls Online Without Dating Sites

How to Meet Girls Online Without Dating SitesThere are several ways to meet girls online on internet without dating sites. If you would like to know how to do it, How to Chat Online is going to provide a good guideline for you on here.  You won’t need to spend any cash for our tips and you will able to find all steps on here and you can also get more information which we have told you as related pages on here. If you would like to meet girls on internet we recommend you to use, try using social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook first. Otherwise you can give a try to Omegle and other random chat sites which we will tell you below. Let’s begin to tell you how to do that!


If you would like to meet girls online on Facebook, you should spend time to create a conversation first and you will need to find some girl profiles. You will need to use groups on Facebook to find them. It is the best way to contact them. You can contact them through message (if they didn’t disable it) or groups you have joined. Firstly you will need to think where should be girl from. Let us give you Russia as an example.

If you would like to meet Russian girls with your Facebook account, you will need to make a quick search on Google first. Find the biggest cities of Russia and find how does it written with Cyrillic. Eg: Moscow, Москва́. Search “Москва́” in your Facebook account but don’t hit enter while you search. Just click on search icon in search box.  Go to “Groups” from left sidebar of the website and click on a group with many members. Then click on “See All” or “Group Members” to see all profiles of the group. Did you like one of them? So just send a message her or contact her via group if you can…

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You will find a detailed tips on the related page and a useful video guideline. It will be very easy for you to apply our tips if you watch the video. You can also do similar tips for any other country you want. If you are searching girls from Italy or Romania or Lithuania, you should search Italian or Romania or Lithuania cities on Facebook and then take a look at groups.  That’s all!


Twitter is very easier and faster than Facebook and it is very easy to contact with people on the website. Facebook may take time, however Twitter doesn’t… Since you can reply people’s tweets there. Let us tell you how to meet girls in Twitter in a few seconds. Firstly you should target a country like we have told in Facebook. You can even target some cities too. If you would like to meet girls from Norway on Twitter, you will need to change your trends. You can do it from right sidebar of the website from Trends section. Click on “Change” icon and type Norway. You will see “Norway (All Cities) in results, click on that and click on done. Start to search girls from Norway via clicking on trends. If you like any of them, send them a message or reply tweet. Replying a tweet with an interesting message is the best way for take attention of someone.

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Omegle is one of the most online chat sites where you can meet girls online. It is a small chance nowadays but you can still give a try. You will need to make a few setups to do that. You can get more details on here: How to Chat with Only Girls on Omegle


It is another safe online chat platform like Omegle. You can text chat and video chat with people on the website. Get more details for meet girls on Chatous: How to Chat with Girls on Chatous


You can also meet with girls only on Chatroulette but you should pay for gender filter. However you will able to meet many online girls on the website without paying too. Unfortunately you will need to verify your account with sms on the website. Get more information on how to bypass: How to Bypass Chatroulette SMS Verification.

We have mentioned some services for you. You can meet girls online without dating sites and create new relationships and friendships on the sites which we have suggested you on here. We are going to update this page with Android and iPhone services at incoming days.

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