How to Learn Spanish with Chatting

Do you want to meet with people from Spanish-speaking countries? You can do that easily with some sites which we will recommend for you here. If you want to learn Spanish with chatting there are several ways to do it. You can use paid chat services for learning or you can use free services freely. We recommend you to start with free services and you will find many sites for meeting with people who are speaking Spanish on here. You will meet people from Spain, Andorra, Argentina, Latino American countries. Chatting with these people will be quite easy for you. You will only 3 important tools you need. A dictionary of your language to Spanish (there are many online dictionary on internet), Google Search and Google Translate. You will able to talk to people easily with these three tools.

You should use these tools in three steps

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1-) Google Translate: First you should translate your sentences in translator. However we recommend you to don’t trust these translations at all. Copy the translation result and go through second step.

2-) Google Search: Google search is providing an awesome tool for us for proofreading. It’s “Did you mean” thing for sure. Go to and select Spanish as language. Then paste translation result in to the search box. If you ever see the “Did you mean” result in your screen, it’s highly likely your word which you are seeking for.

3-) Online Dictionary: It’s your last step. Go to your online dictionary (or book) and check all words in your dictionary.

Please note that: For learning grammar you should pay attention to your chat partner’s word well. It will help you to understand how she/he is building sentences. It will somewhat helpful about grammar to you.

Video Chat Sites for Learn Spanish

These are video chat sites which will help you to find partner for practicing Spanish language. You should be careful while you are chatting on these sites since your partner may use fake cam software. Such programs can record your video. We never want to watch you on  YouTube in the future.

Chatroulette Bazoocam Español: It’s Spanish version of Bazoocam. There are always more than 5000 people on the site. You will have always chance to meet with people here.

Estoes Chat: Estoes Chat is an Argentinian video chat service.

Chatroulette Honduras: You can get tips here for meeting with people from Honduras. You will enjoy while you are chatting them on Chatroulette.

Andorra Dating Chat: If you want to practice the language and if you also want to date with opposite gender, you can use this site for meeting with Andorrans.

Chatroulette Costa Rica: If you want to meet people from Central America, you should give a try these tips to meeting them.

Omegle Uruguay: You will love to chat with Uruguayan people on Omegle.

Argentina Girls on Facebook: It’s the best way to find out girls from Argentina and practicing Spanish.

Omegle Spain: You can meet with girls and guys from Spain with these tips. You will also meet people from Latino American countries.

Text Chat Sites

If you don’t want to use video chat sites, you can also use some text chat sites. There are many of them on internet. It will help you to writing in Spanish. You can learn Spanish and it’s grammar with these sites easily.

Chateagratis: It’s a famous text chat site of South America. You can also meet with people from other regions of the world.

El Chat: El Chat has many chat rooms for each Spanish speaking country.

Dale Chat: It’s a famous chat site of Argentina. You are going to find many people from this country on this site.

Chat La Plata: This chat site includes people from La Plata city of Argentina. You can meet them here.

Chat Terra Argentina: Chat Terra is a large chat platform. You will able to find people in Argentina rooms of the site.

Visario Chat: It’s a quality chat site of South America and it includes many online people. When  you enter the room, you will find a lot people to talk.

Latin Chat: It’s a famous site of South America.

You can find many people who are speaking Spanish Language on these sites. You can learn Spanish or improve it in these sites. They are generally safe sites and there’s no registration required. Text chat sites are generally IRC like sites. They are very easy to use. We have also given you information in related posts about how to use these sites. Good luck!

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