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Do you want to meet with people from Germany and you would like to learn German language from them? We will recommend you a few chat sites here for you. So you will able to communicate with people from this country. You will have a chance for improve your language and you will find friends from different countries. There are generally people from Luxembourg, France, UK, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. There will be people from other regions of the world too. You are going to see how to practise this language with our tips.

You can click here and see what will you need tools. There’s detailed information in second paragraph of the post. You will find many good information on that on the site. It will guide you while you are chatting on the sites which we will recommend for you. You can also make good friendships on these sites. Some of these sites are random chat, some of them are just chat rooms. There will be text and video chat sites on the list. If you want to improve your writing you can prefer text one. If you want to improve your speaking, you can prefer video one. However you will be always safe in text sites. You may have some security issues on video chat sites.

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Video Chat Sites for Learn German

These are recommended video chat sites for learn German. Please be alerted when you are using these sites because they are not 100 percent safe chat sites.

You can take a look at German Online Webcam Chat Sites to see full list of these sites.

German Chatroulette for iPhone: You can use this application for talking to strangers in video chat with your Apple device.

Chatro Zufalls Chat: Another good mobile application talk to strangers.

Spin DE: It’s a quality random chat site for meeting with German girls and guys.

ChatRandom Germany: If you would like to talk to people from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Belgium, you should take a look at this site.

Monogo Chat Deutsch: This is a good chatroulette alternative. No registration required.


Text Chat Sites

If you would like to improve your German language with writing, we recommend these text chat sites for you. They are good if you are not good in speaking yet. You can easily learn grammar, vocabulary of the language with these sites. They will help you a lot for learn German.

ChatTalk DE: It’s a chat room based site where you can meet many online people.

Lablue: Lablue is a good dating chat site for meeting with people.

Chat4Free: It’s a free chat room platform with many channels. You are going to meet many online German girls and guys on this site.

ChatCity DE: If you want to meet with girls and guys from certain cities of Germany, you can find them here.

Knuddels Chat: A good text chat alternative for learning German.

Text chat sites are always safer than video chat sites. If you care for your security we recommend you to start with text chat sites first and then you may request iP from your partners.

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