Would you like to chat with Arab people and practice your language with talking them? You can easily do that with chatting online. We are going to recommend some websites for you here. You will able to meet people from Cairo (Egypt), Baghdad (Iraq), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Dammam (Saudi Arabia), Damascus (Syria), Casablanca (Morocco), Aleppo (Syria), Alexandria (Egypt), Algiers (Algeria), Mosul (Iraq), Basra (Iraq), Tripoli (Libya), Amman (Jordan), Kuwait City, Beirut (Lebanon), Abu Dhabi (UAE) on these sites. You will able to meet people from different cities of Arabia too. All you need to do is joining correct chat room. There are also chat rooms for Yemen, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Qatar, Sudan, Mauritania, Bahrain, Palestine and Oman. You can select one of these rooms.

These sites will quite useful for learn Arabic language for you. Websites are generally in text chat format. However there are still some sites with video chat feature. You will able to meet girls and guys on these sites. There are Christians, Moslems and Jewish people on these sites. You can get friends from any religion since the region is very mixed. There are Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds, Greeks, Turkmens, Turks, Azeri Turks, Levantines, Arabs on these websites. It’s highly likely you will meet one of them. All these sites are free and no registration required.

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Video Chat Sites for Learn Arabic

These chat sites are recommended if you want to improve your Arabic language knowledge:

12AllChat: It’s a famous chat site of Arab World. You will find text chat and video chat opportunities here. There are many online people on the site always.

Maktoob Arab Chat: Maktoob Arab Chat is a famous site as same as 12AllChat. However there are less rooms than 12AllChat. It’s free. No registration needed.

Mashy Arab Chat Rooms: There are chat rooms with video feature on this website. You will find many Arab friends with this site.

Omegle Arab Chat: We have given detailed information about that to you in the past. You can look our pages for more information about Omegle Arab chat.

Chatroulette Bazoocam Algeria: It’s a good Chatroulette alternative. You will find many Algerian girls and guys here.


Text Chat

We recommend you to use these chat sites if you would like to improve your vocabulary in Arabic language:

Syria Room Chat: If you would like to meet people from Aleppo and Damascus, this chat site will be awesome for you.

Arab Jostars Chat: You will able to meet many kind of people on this site. There are people from Arabia, Turkey, Iran, North Africa on the site.

Arab Chat: Arab Chat is one of the most crowd chat sites in Arab World. You can use this site for learn Arabic language.

Kalamngy Chat: It’s a good Arab Dating chat site. You will look for love and also improve your Arabic here.

ChatKom: Do you want to chat with people from whole Arab World? So you should enter ChatKom to meet with these people. There are channels for each Arab country on this website.

Chat Habibti Algérie: It’s an Algerian dating chat site. You will enjoy while you are looking for a love and improve your language.

Skyrock Chat: It’s a good platform for meeting with Arab people who are living in North Africa. They are generally from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. It’s free and there are mobile applications for any device.

Damascus Chat Room: If you want to practice your language with someone from Damascus, this chat room will suit you.

Cairo Chat Room: This is a good chance if you want to learn Arabic with someone from Cairo.

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