Google Chat Rooms: Is there any of them?

Google is one of the largest communities on internet with several product and it is also the largest search engine without any doubt however it doesn’t provide any service as chat rooms at the moment. If you are looking for talk to people about products of the company, there are Google forums for that. You can use those services… However if you are looking for a social networking services, you can take a look at Google Plus. If you ever meet someone through Google Plus, you will able to chat with him/her through Hangouts privately.

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What is Google Hangouts? Is it chat rooms?

Google Hangouts is a product which allow you to instant messaging with people. It is similar to WhatsApp, Skype and other IM products. However you can use hangouts at several platforms. It is available on email, App Store, Play Store and also web. You can voice call, voice message, video message and video call with this product of the company. You don’t need another account for using Hangouts because it is enough to have a gmail account to use this product.

Can you make friends through Google Plus?

Of course you can make friends through Google Plus. There are millions of people who are using this service. However this is not an alternative Google chat rooms opportunity for you since there is not any way to live chat with people on Plus. You will need to be friend with someone first.

Update: Google Plus is not available now.

Is there any Google chat rooms?

Unfortunately the answer of this question is no. You can’t talk to multiple people in the same time. If you would like to talk to people online, you will need to look alternative ones.

There is any Website for Google Chat Rooms

Technical Help with Live Chat

If you are using a product of Google and if you need a technical help with live chat, there are some ways to do it. The company is providing live chat support for some of their paid products. You can see this option on the main page of those products though. The company generally recommends you to get help from forums of the website. There are generally staff who is working on that branch of Google on those forums. Probably you are not going to get an immediate help but you will get response your questions as soon as possible. Please visit product forums to get connected with help staff. If you have any questions about Google Chat Rooms, please ask us.

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