Free Video Chat Sites for Being in Touch with Family

Video chatting is one of the most common ways to communicate today. Keep reading to find the best free video chat sites for families.

Technology had improved so much that; we can constantly be together with people even though we are thousands of miles away. One of the best improvements of technology would be video chats being more common than ever. It is affordable and reachable by basically anyone who has a convenient device and internet connection.

Video chatting with family is the best way to keep in touch when you are around. Yes, texting also works, but you will not be able to hear their voices. Phone calls also work, but you cannot see their facial expressions. Video calls are the best. The following are some free video chat sites to keep in touch with family.


Skype is an excellent option to video chat with your family. Once you sign up, you can have video conversations for free. Besides, you can have video calls with multiple people to be with your whole family.


Another convenient and accessible way to keep in touch with family is the video call option of WhatsApp. After you ensure that everyone installed WhatsApp on their devices, you can have a free and smooth video calling experience.


Another option to video calls your family to keep in touch would be Telegram. Telegram is very similar to WhatsApp, and you can also use this app both on your computer and mobile phone to have a video call with your family.


Houseparty is a video call application that is solely based on video calling. You can create chat rooms and enter them whenever you want to video call your family. It is very easy to use and has an excellent interface.

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