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Estoes is a chat site where you can meet people from Spain, Mexico and Argentina. The site language is in Spanish and there are also many online people from other South American people who would like to date with Spanish, Mexican and Argentinian people. There is text chat, voice chat and video chat features on the site. It’s a good alternative of Omegle. If you would like to meet Argentinian people on Omegle, you can check our page about Omegle Argentina. You will find detailed information about how to get partners on a random chat service. Estoes chat is not a random chat service, it only provides you a chat room based service. It’s easier to use and you can use your camera and microphone easily on the site.

The chat site is completely free and no payment required for any features of the site. There’s no registration required too. If you want a dating with South American ladies, this site will be a good opportunity for you. You can start a dating with many beautiful girls and you can talk to many strangers. You can also meet with handsome Argentinian guys if you interested with them.

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How to Begin to Chat

If you don’t know how to chat on the site, we are going to tell you how to do that in this paragraph. You should do a few steps for start to chat on the site and they are quite easy:

  • Go to main page of Estoes Chat.
  • Click on Argentina flag.
  • Add your nickname below the text which is written “Tu Nombre”
  • Click on “Entrar” button and wait until site loads.
  • After site loaded, you can begin to chat with people.
  • You can set your video with clicking on video image and you can start a video chat.

How to Talk to People

If you would like to talk to people in a certain gender, you can take a look at right sidebar of chat board. You can see nicknames there. You can figure out your partner’s gender from his/her gender. You can talk to females only with this strategy. After you select your target, you should click on a nickname twice and begin to chat with your partner. Then you should turn back your channel and you can talk with them.

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