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Iranian girlsEram Chat is a good Asian chat site which has lot’s of online people on their database. There are always more than 200 people in their rooms and it’s a good amount of people for a chat room site. User are generally from Iran. You can also meet with users from Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, North Iraq and Afghanistan.If you would like to meet with people from these countries, this chat site is perfect option for you. However you should be careful on these sites. You can get ban by moderators really quick, so you shouldn’t send them message. Actually they are banning people randomly. I believe the site could be better if they had better moderators. That made site a little bit poor because of poor performance of Admins and moderators. If you know local language it won’t be problem for you.

The site has been created on 2011 and there are 3 important feature of the site. These features are Eram Chat Messenger, guest chat and registered chat features. You can use the site without registration but If you want a stable nickname you will need to register to site. We are going to tell you how to get a nickname and how will you use site as a guest. You don’t need to know Persian for use the site. There are many Persian girls and boys on the site and the site is totally free.

Chat Room

There are 4 different chat room on the site. They are Eram Chat 1, Karabarane Balaye 30 Sal, Javanan and Moshaere. If you would like to join this chat, you can do it 2 different ways. You can join rooms as a guest status. If you would like to use guest status, you should select option at the middle of site. just write your nickname and get inside of rooms. If you want to get an account, just click on yellow button which is standing right side of the main page of the site. Click register link and registration form will appear in the screen in English language. This is a flash chat feature so, you should be sure that you have installed latest flash version to your screen.

Eram Chat Messenger

Eram Chat Messenger is a useful tool which you can chat with your friends from the site. You can download program from main page of the site. You should click on blue button which is standing left side of the site. After you download the program, you can install it to your computer. There is no virus in program. We have scanned it for you and it’s very safe program to use.

Eram Chat is one of the most popular chat sites on Iran. You can meet with many beautiful Iranian girls and handsome Iranian men on here.

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    hi . I am mostafa from iran

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    i like to find a first-rate guy in order to get in touch

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    Hello I would like to chat with Persian people. I am from Germany. It will be a social chat so, not a dating. Please add my Skype. I am a girl and want to talk with men.


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