You have Denied Access to Your Devices Error on Video Chat Sites

Sometimes you can get a notification or an error which tells you “You have denied access to your devices. Your partners will not be able to see and hear you” on some video chat sites like, Chat Alternative, Shagle.  We will tell you how to fix this error on this page for you. We created this content due to a question of a user. The complete question is:

I have a problem with… On any browser chrome, mozilla, opera it says “you have denied access to your devices. your partners will not be able to see and hear you” where my cam need to be opened… It works on omegle,skype and chatroulette but on this keeps popping up!can you help me please?

Thanks for the nice question and we hope that we will able to help you. Let’s see how can you fix this problem.

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How to Fix Denied Access to Your Devices Error  on Video Chat Sites

Firstly we will give our solutions in Chrome since it is the most popular browser of the world at the moment. You can do the following steps:

  • Click on the green “Secure” text where is located at the address bar of your Google Chrome browser.
  • You will see Camera and Microphone options in the menu.
  • Select Allow for Camera.
  • Select Allow for Microphone.
  • Copy this: chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?
  • Paste at address bar in Chrome Browser.
  • See if any other important data is blocked and allow it.

If you don’t have the chrome browser, we recommend it for video chat sites: Download Chrome


You have Denied Access to Your Devices Error on Video Chat Sites

That is all you need to do. Now you can use your camera.

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Is There any Alternative Way to Get Rid of Error?

There is not any alternative way to get rid of this problem at the moment. However if you think that your problem is related with something else. You can ask us.

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  • September 21, 2018 at 7:29 am

    It doesn’t leave me even with all the permissions allowed on :/ I don’t know what to do, got this problem for like 6 months :(


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