DaleChatea Me is a new Argentinian chat site where you can meet people from South America. It’s a nice chat site and it’s in Spanish language. If you would like to learn Spanish, this chat site will be a good option for you to practice your language knowledge. There are various chat rooms on the website which you will communicate with people. The website site adres is: dalechatea.me

These are:

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Free chat: It’s a chat room that will help you to meet people. There’s no age restriction for this chat room.

General chat: You will able to talk with people about anything on this chat room and you can make friends easily.

Music: Do you want to learn about South American music? So you will meet many nice people on this channel.

Friendship: You can get new friends on this channel. There are many people who are seeking for friends on here.

18 to 25: If you are older than 17 years old and younger than 26 years old, you can join this channel and meet new people.

26 to 35: You can meet people who are 26-35 years old on this platform and you can make new friends.

English: Do you want to meet South American people who knows English? You can do it on this chat room. There are many Argentinian guys and girls on here. It will be also good channel for you if you want to practice your English and Spanish knowledge.

Chat Latin: Chat Latin is an international chat platform for Latin countries such as: Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Other South American and Central American countries

Argentina Chat: You will meet people from Argentina on here. It’s a good Argentina chat platform to meet people online.

You will also meet people on more chat rooms on Dale Chatea Me! It’s one of the best options to meet people on text chat.

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