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There are many Arab chat sites on internet, however you can’t find many options which provides you chat rooms for each countries of Arabia and North Africa. However there’s a chat site where you can meet with many strangers. ChatKom is one of the best chat site which provides you quality chat service. You can meet with any people from Arab countries on this site. There’s video chat, audio chat and text chat features on the site and there are chat rooms for each countries.

There are almost more than 2000 – 3000 online people on the site. It’s perfect if you want to meet with someone from Arab World. We are going to tell you more about chat rooms of the site and how to use the site at all. You can online chat with girls and guys on the site freely. You don’t need to pay for any features, any chat rooms of the site. Besides there’s no registration at all on the site. If you like brunette girls and guys, we recommend you this site for you. It’s quite easy to use and all chat rooms are flash. You should have flash installed in your browser.

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Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Tunisia, Sudan

There are chat rooms for each countries on the site.

Chat Oman: You can find many online people from Oman this chat room.

Chat Kuwait: If you would like to talk to people from Kuwait, this channel will be awesome for you.

Chat Lebanon: It’s a chat room where you can meet French speaking Arab people.

Chat Qatar: Free channel where you can get friends from Qatar.

Chat Bahrain: It’s a quality channel which provides you partners from Bahrain.

Chat Tunisia: You want to chat with people in Arabic or French? Tunisian people will want to chat with you.

Sudan: You can talk to Sudanese strangers on this chat room.

Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Riyadh, Syria, Palestine

Chat Egypt: If you would like to meet with people from North Africa, you can talk to people from Egypt on this channel. It’s one of the most crowdest channel of ChatKom.

Chat Jordan: Do you want to talk to girls from Jordan? So you should join this channel!

Chat Algeria: It’s another quality channel where you can meet Arab people who knows Arabic and French.

Morocco: Morocco has the most beautiful girls of North Africa, you will want to give a try to this channel.

Chat Riyadh: Chat Riyadh is a chat room for Saudi Arabia. You can talk to people from Saudi Arabia on this channel.

Chat Syria: Syria is standing North Arabia. You can talk to Syrians on this channel freely.

Chat Palestine: If you would like to talk to people from Gaza, West Bank and other regions of Palestine, you can join this chat room. It’s an Arab chat service

UAE, Iraq, Libya

Chat UAE: UAE is one of the most modern countries in Arabia. There are also many foreigners living in the country. If you would like to talk them, you can use this channel.

Chat Iraq: There are many ethnics on Iraq. If you would like to talk to people with different ethnics, we recommend this channel for you.

Chat Libya: Libya is a country which is standing North Africa. You can online chat to people from Libya on this channel.

These are channels which will connect you to Arab World.

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