ChatHourIf you would like to meet people on a text chat and video chat rooms, there are several ways to do that on internet. ChatHour is one of these options and it is very popular on internet world. You will able to meet many nice people on channels of Chat Hour. We are going to introduce some chat rooms of this website for you on How to Chat Online and you will able to receive more detailed information on these channels at incoming pages of our website. The website is providing free chat platforms for their users. We recommend this website for you to meet strangers from different countries. There are also local conversation platforms. You can also create your own channel on the website. You need to create an account for yourself to build a channel on this website. However if you would like to chat with people on the site, you don’t need to register an account. Some chat rooms may be will require you to register but not all of them. Let’s introduce conversation platforms of the website on here. These are online chat platforms which you will meet with people freely.

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ChatHour Chat Rooms

Moderated International Chat: This is a moderated international chat platform which you will need to obey the rules. Otherwise you may get ban from the website. Click here to learn how to unban.

Unmoderated International Chat: The first conversation platform which we introduced for you on here is moderated, however it is unmoderated at all. You will chat as you wish on this channel.

Teen Chat: You will meet people who are younger than 18 years old on Teen Chat.

Dating Chat: It is a chat room for dating and you will meet many online people on this chat platform.

Asian Chat: If you would like to meet girls and guys who are living in Asian countries, this will be a perfect option for you.

Music Chat: If you would like to talk to about music with people, you will enjoy to chat with them on Chat Hour Music.

Christian Chat: You will meet Christian girls and guys on this chat platform and you will able to talk about religious subjects.

Webcam Chat: This is the only webcam chat platform on Chat Hour. You can meet many people on here and talk with them with your camera and microphone.

USA Chat: USA Chat is a good option to meet with American girls and guys on a website.

UK Chat: If you would like to meet people from United Kingdom, we recommend this chat room for you.

Australia Chat: You will meet Australian people and may be people from NZ on there.

New York: Do you want to chat with people from New York only? So it will suit to you.

Los Angeles: You will meet people from California on here.

Toronto: There are people from Canada on this ChatHour chat room.

Arabic: This is the channel which you will meet people from Arab countries. Such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Syria, Iraq, Egypt. You can speak Arabic language there.

French: You will chat in French language on there.

German: This is the chat platform where you will meet with German people. You can speak German language on here. You can also meet people from Austria on there.

Japanese: It is a conversation platform where you will meet people from Far East. Japanese language is allowed on this chat platform.

Spanish: You will chat with people from Spain, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica.

Latin: You will meet people from all Latin American countries on here.

You will able to use these all chat rooms on Chat Hour. They are free and you don’t need to register for most of them.

How to Online Chat with People on ChatHour

Most of users of Chat Hour is from United States of America. We recommend you to try to be online when it is evening in USA for meet more users. Also joining international and USA chat rooms will help you to find more people. There are also users from Asian countries too…

It is very easy to online chat with people on ChatHour. You will meet several people on the chat rooms and you will make new friends. If you would like to get a new account on the website, you can get one from right panel of the website. If you don’t want to have an account, you can chat on the conversation platforms directly on Chat Hour.

You can also chat with people on your iPhone or Android devices on Chat Hour.

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