Chateagratis is a famous text chat site of South America and there are also chat rooms for Spain, Mexico and Andorra on the website. If you want to meet people from Andorra, it’s not the best place to meet them. We recommend Facebook and Twitter first. However you can still give a try to Chateagratis Andorra, if you want to give a try to the website. You will generally meet people from Paraguay, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador on the website. You will hardly meet with Andorran people.

How to Use Chateagratis Andorra

It is very easy to use the website and it’s similar with CanalChat Andorra. You will need to find a nickname for yourself to enter to the website first.

Go to Random Chat

Enter your nickname to the box which is written “Escribe tu Apodo” inside and Click on blue “Chatear” button.

Then select an avatar for yourself. We recommend you to select an avatar which is related with your gender. Select “Hombres” if you are a man first or select “Mujeres” if you are a woman

Select one of these options and then click on a avatar at left sidebar of the website. Then click on “Commenzar Chat” button.

After you click on “Commenzar Chat” button, now you are ready to chat with people on the website. Select a nickname from right sidebar of chat box and begin to talk people.

You are ready for chatting with people on Chateagratis Andorra.

If you violate rules of the chat room, you may get ban from the channel. If you get ban it will be very hard for you to fix it and enter to the channel again.

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