If you would like to talk with people in a free chat site, Chat4Free is a good place where you can meet with people on chat rooms. There are many online people on the site and you can meet with some nice girls on the site. There are generally people from Germany on the site. There are also people from Belgium, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Liechtenstein and many other countries from Western Europe. If you would like to get partners from these countries, you can use this chat site any time. However the site is German chat site and you need to use Google Translate if you don’t know it. At the least you need to use it while you register to site. A registration required, if you want to enter to site.

The site is suitable for those who are older than 16 years old. If you are younger than 16, we recommend you to take a parental guide. The site doesn’t allow enter people who are younger than 16. Registration is free to site and it’s quite easy. Just enter your mail address to system and the site will mail you a password. That’s all you need to do for registration. After you register to site, you can enter chat rooms.

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Dating Chat

If you would like to date with girls from Western Europe, this site will aid you to get partners from these countries. There are many online people from different countries on the site. You can start a dating with a suitable partner for yourself on the site. You can also discuss about politics, games, events and etc. You will enjoy to chat with people on Chat4Free. There are many online German girls on the site.

Cam Chat

If you would like to talk with your partners with your cam, you can do it on the site. Cam chat is quite good on Chat4Free and the site moderators is giving you opportunity for safe chat. You can get banned from the site easily. So you should be careful for your speech on the site and you should be careful about your behaviour. Otherwise you may get ban anytime from the site.

How to Get Unbanned

If you have banned from the site, you can use VPN programs for getting unbanned from the site. Actually you can read our “how to get unbanned from Omegle” article to figure out situation. It will guide you for remove your ban on the site.


There are many good German alternatives of Chat4free. We recommend these sites for you:

BildKontakte: A German dating chat site with many free features. You can register free, you can chat free and you can send messages free!

ChatCity DE: You can find out dating chat, Berlin Chat, Dresden Chat, Düsseldorf Chat, Frankfurt Chat, Hamburg Chat, Hannover Chat, Köln Chat, München Chat, Vienna Chat, RPG Chat, Elbenfeuer Chat,Game Chat, WoW Chat Deutsch platforms on here.

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