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nastradini chat girlsNastradini is a nice site of Albania which gets many online users everyday. There are very nice chat rooms of the site. There are lots of  people meeting there and they have a warm platform in their chat rooms. However they don’t have video and microphone features in the site. We re going to tell you how to chat and communicate with people on the site in this page. You are going to meet with many Albanian girls and Albanian men here. However there are many Albanians who are living on abroad. There are people from Italy, Kosovo, Serbia, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, USA, Albania and etc. You will able to meet people from these countries on Chat Shqiptar. You won’t need to pay services of the site. You can talk with people here free! The site has similar looking with Parajsa Chat.

No registration required for the site, so you don’t spend your time with filling blanks. Site language is Albanian, however if you ever used IRC based chat before, it won’t be hard for you. We will already tell you how to use to site in this page for you. So it won’t be too hard for you to use site. Please feel free to ask any kind of questions here about site. We will answer your questions gladly. Let’s begin to tell how to use the site.

How to Use

Firstly go through main page of Nastradini and you will see the menu below of the banner. Chat button will redirect you to Chat Shqiptar. Click on “Chat” button. Now you will see a chat panel in your screen. Click on the blank which is below of Pseudonimi. Type an attractive nickname here and click on “Lidhu”. You don’t need a password to enter to site. Then IRC server will load and you should wait untill you connect to rooms.

When you connect to rooms you can see a list of people. You can understand who is female or who is male with nicknames. Click on names twice and begin to chat with your partners in chat rooms of the site. All features are free.

You will able to chat with Albanian girls and men on Chat Shqiptar. There are many alternatives of Nastradini. However they all connect to same irc server.

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